The Joys of Working From Home

Earlier today, during a spontaneous mid-morning break from my work, I found myself questioning whether or not, after several years of working almost exclusively from home as a freelance translator and researcher, I could go back to working in the ‘real world’ of offices, 9-5 and all that jazz.

While the obvious answer is yes, of course I could, it struck me that the longer I’ve been working from home, the more certain I’ve become that the transition back would be a slow, painful one.

From the freedom to take mid-morning breaks that lead to blog posts like this to the increased productivity associated with working in such a tailored environment, working from home has played a huge part in my personal development.

With that in mind, here are ten conclusions that I’ve drawn based on my adventure so far (with tongue planted firmly in cheek).

  • Family members / friends will never quite understand that ‘at home’ does not equate to ‘doing nothing and likely to be grateful for a call/surprise visit’.
  • Lengthy conversations with pets are entirely normal.
  • My clothing habits have gone beyond the point of no return and I’m OK with that.

  • Caffeine can be used to solve most work-related issues.
  • At this point, my own personal schedule has become so deeply engrained that having to adhere to anybody else’s timekeeping rules would most probably cause my brain to cease functioning.
  • The degradation of social skills is a very real thing.

  • With the vast majority of communication revolving around email conversations, it is essential to become adept at utilising subtle variations in tone, from the ‘I’m really not happy’ staccato sentences to the all-powerful smiley face.
  • These days, anyone complaining about their dreaded commute is automatically met with a smug inward grin as I picture my five-second saunter from bed to office.


  • Internet connection issues are always cause for unmitigated panic.
  • My boss is pretty awesome.

28 responses to “The Joys of Working From Home”

  1. Great blog post Joseph! Perfectly reflects my freelance life, especially the part about lengthy conversations with pets. My cat is a very good listener, you know 🙂 Have a smashing week!

    • Thank you very much Dmitry, really glad you liked it! It’s also nice to know I’m not alone in chatting to my cats (I find the conversation is always particularly lively when discussing food). Have a great week 🙂

  2. 😀 So many truths! I reached the point of no return several years ago, there’s no going back to “regular jobs” for me! (by the way, dogs are pretty good listeners too). Thanks for making me laugh!

  3. Thak you, this post really made me laugh! All of it is so true, I also find that my cats are great listeners! 😉

  4. The worst part is my boss ALWAYS catches me when I am goofing off. I just cannot sneak anything past her.

  5. Great post, Joseph! Very funny))) The point about internet connection issues is definitely about me)) As for communication with real people, I am lucky: my husband works at home too, so I do not feel lacking anything important in this life.

  6. Very funny and true… I liked the work-at-home uniforms ! and the fact that friends think they do you a favor (you’re at home, anyway, and probably bored, aren’t you?) if they pass by for a coffee!

  7. Great article. I’m glad I have my children home in the afternoon – they keep me sane. Otherwise I’d totally be getting a cat to talk to!

  8. Thank you for the return follow.
    I too work from home although as I teach as well as translate my working life has more structure than you describe.
    I found your blog through a conversation on Proz. Your blog was linked by a person responding to a post about la rentree. 🙂 .

    • You’re very welcome Louise, looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

      Ah really, it’s always interesting to find out where your posts have popped up. Hopefully it was of some use to the discussion!

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