How Many Things You Love Can You Share in Ten Minutes?

Coming in response to this post from Alina at Inbox Translation (who was inspired by this post from Olga Arakelyan), today’s entry is certainly something a little different. The title is fairly self-explanatory, with the aim of the challenge being to name as many things that you love as possible in just a ten minute period – it’s a lot harder than you might think.

A few colleagues have already taken part in what is a really great initiative that looks to create something personal in a profession that tends to breed anonymity. Ultimately, it’s nice to know a little bit more about the person behind the texts, tweets or posts and remind yourself that we’re not just language-loving robots.

So without further delay, let the countdown begin:

  1. Languages – an obvious starter and a real passion of mine from a young age.
  2. Translation – obvious again, yet worth mentioning. I really love what I do.
  3. Music – just about anything with guitars. I’m a blues guy first and foremost – with rock and folk not far behind – but my taste is eclectic to say the least.
  4. Cats – I can’t deny it, I love them!
  5. Cups of tea (and biscuits) – when you’re not a fan of coffee, tea becomes an invaluable commodity.
  6. My girlfriend
  7. Stupid 90s films – I’m a sucker for silliness.
  8. The films of Kevin Costner – long story, I think he’s unintentionally hilarious.
  9. Playing gigs and going to gigs, in that order.
  10. Guitars – A fascination since childhood, I particularly love old, battered ones…
  11. Fish and chips…
  12. Long walks
  13. My family
  14. Football – playing, watching, reading about it, it’s all good.
  15. Translation studies – Ok, I already included translation, but the discipline itself is something I simply can’t get enough of. I love reading the literature, discussing the subtleties of the process and the academic side of translation as a whole.
  16. Learning – I always want to know more.
  17. Appreciation for a job well done.
  18. Exploring other cultures.

So there it is, plenty of things are missing from the list and the order that things came to mind over the course of the ten minutes was curious to say the least, but hopefully you’ve gained a small insight into my world. Now it’s your turn to give it a go.

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