Community Choice Awards

Just a quick post today to share a recent bit of good news for JALTranslation. Earlier this week I was delighted to be informed that my blog had been included among the nominees for this year’s Community Choice Awards in the category of Best Translation Blog.

The awards allow the community of over 300,000 professional translators and translation companies “to publicly recognize those language professionals who are active, influential, or otherwise extraordinary in various media throughout the industry” and I’m obviously delighted to be a part of the competition. Voting lasts until 22 September and the winners will be announced on 30 September just in time for International Translation Day!

(For more details on the competition, here’s a handy article from the guys and gals at ‘5 things you should know about the Community Choice Awards’)

Voting categories include everything from Best Translation Conference Speaker to Best Interpreting Podcast and all of the other blogs on the list are excellent (of course!). So, if you have a account then head on over to the voting page (, check out all the great blogs, articles, twitterers etc. on offer and vote for your favourites!


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